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Europa Cantat Songbook 2009

Translations / Ubersetzungen / Traductions / Traducciones

Titel Composer Lyrics
Agnus Dei Ton de Leeuw  
Ajde Jano Marko Tajchevich Folk Song
As torrents in summer Edward Elgar  
Ave Maria Albert de Klerk  
Chanson d'automne Alphons Diepenbrock Paul Verlaine
Dofta, dofta David Wikander Emil Kleen
Gilori Harold Lenselink Bronislava Wajs
Hayde bre, Yano trad. Bulgarian / P. Staynov trad.
Hine e hine trad. New Zealand  
I skovens dybe, stille ro Henrik Colding-Jørgensen Fritz Andersen
Karacsonyi Bölcsödal Lajos Bárdos Valéria Dienes
Leijoo trad. joik from Lapland  
Lied der Mignon Emils Darzins Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Má hvezda Bedrich Smetana Bedrich Peska
Marc groet 's morgens Joost Termont Paul van Ostaijen
Mu süda, ärka üles Cyrillus Kreek trad. / from Paul Gerhardt
O, sing unto the Lord Jan Valkestijn Psalms
Rheinische Dome Aart de Kort Aart de Kort
Stemning - Stämning Wilhelm Peterson-Berger Jens Peter Jacobsen
Te'i vuelto a ver Carabajal, Peteco & Cuti  
Tocam Sinos Anonymus  
Una sañosa porfia Juan del Encina  
Zingen, dat willen wij Henri Geraedts Guido Gezelle


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  from / aus / de Missa brevis
Ajde Jano English
As torrents in summer

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Ave Maria go to / visitez / besuchen Sie / ga naar: www.musicanet.org
Chanson d’automne go to / visitez / besuchen Sie / ga naar: www.musicanet.org
Dofta, dofta My true-love sleeps. Lilac scent and moon-beams, do not wake her!
  Meine Geliebte schläft. Lilienduft und Mondschein, weckt sie nicht.
Gilori language: Roma Gypsies
  After many years
Or maybe after sometime
Your hands will find my song
From where and how?
By night or in a dream?
Hayde bre, Yano The young man wishes his girl friend Yano could become a vine branch so that he could cut off the branch and keep it close with him
Hine e hine English
I skovens dybe, stille ro English
Karacsonyi Bölcsödal Christmas Lullaby / Chanson de Noël / Cancion navideña / Weihnachtslied
Leijoo leijoo loi lae loi la does not mean anything. It is one group of the syllables used in the traditional manner of singing yoik.
Yoik-singing is more a way of getting in to a transendentic mood than just singing. Usually in the text may be one word that means something, e.g. a “wolf” or “reindeer”, but those in your message are just singing syllables (= laa laa laa laa lalala…)
Lied der Mignon English - English
Má hvezda Deutsch - English
Mark groet 's morgens

prononciation of the Flemisch/Dutch language

Mu süda, ärka üles Deutsch
O, sing unto the Lord Zing voor de Heer
  Singet dem Herrn
  Louez le Dieu
Rheinische Dome The festival was moving from Mainz to Utrecht and on your way to Utrecht you can see different churches called ''Dom''. Offered during Europa Cantat XVI Mainz 2006 to Europa Cantat XVII Utrecht 2009 by the Jan Vermulst Foundation:
Stemning - Stämning Deutsch
Te'i vuelto a ver I saw you again, after a long time
The sorrow I had, the happiness is back in my heart
Yesterday's song was crying, crying about your love, in a melancholy song of a singer
I saw you again, the eyes of you, I saw you again
The flowers on heaven went open when I saw you again.
Tocam Sinos Bells are ringing, sound through the valleys
  De klokken luiden, klinken door de dalen
Una sañosa porfia English
Zingen, dat willen wij Sing, that's what we want
  Singen, das wollen wir
  Nous voulons chanter
  Queremos cantar



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