Nouvelle adresse!

On 25 June the address of Annie Bank Edition (and Excellent Music Holland) will change! For you there will be little change, because our websites will stay on line and you can keep using the e-mail addresses.

What is changing is that you will receive in future your orders from Musikal Spezial / Edition Ferrimontana in Germany. This company, specialised in choral music with a enthousiastic staff with a lot of knowledge of this market and music, will try to answer all your questions. For everything you formerly contacted Annie Bank Edition, for own and publications or other publishers, you can now go to Musikal Spezial / Edition Ferrimontana.

Musikal Spezial / Edition Ferrimontana / Annie Bank Edition

Am Pfahlgraben 5
D-61239 Ober-Mörlen
Phone: +49 (0) 6002 930477
E-mail: or
Websites: or

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Concours de Composition Drinking-Songs
Les éditions musicales Annie Bank publient très régulièrement de nouvelles publications de musique pour choeurs du 14ème siècle jusqu'à aujourd’hui. Il propose de la musique tant pour les ensembles professionnels, que pour les choeurs d'amateurs.  
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