The Jan Vermulst foundation in co-operation with the choral organisation Europa Cantat and Annie Bank music publishers organises composition competition where the motto is
  During the XV Europa Cantat Festival at Barcelona, Spain, the four by the international jury nominated compositions were performed by the Netherlands Youth Choir conducted by Wilma ten Wolde.After the concert, tremendously appreciated by thousands of enthusiast singers from 47 countries, the jury awarded the Jan Vermulst prize of 1000 euro to the composition “The Rainbow” of Laurent Beeckmans from Belgium. The audience prize of 500 euro has been awarded to the composition “Bitte Nicht” of Francesco Milita from Italy. The two other nomitations were André Ducret (Switserland) with his composition "Arc-en-Ciel" and George Bretz (Netherlands) with "Merlin's Riddling". These two titles are published in a version for equal voices: "Merlin's Riddling" and "Arc-en-Ciel". Requested were a cappella compositions that was written in such a manner, that by simple means or by the addition of an “ossia part” these works could be performed by both a 4 part mixed choir as well a 4 equal voices. With regard to the degree of difficulty, as much choirs as possible should be able to perform the piece. See the complete Regulations of this competition contest.

The four composers:
André Ducret (left), George Bretz, Francesco Milita, Laurent Beeckmans (right)

The two awards were offered by the Jan Vermulst foundation.
  The international jury consists of: 
Hans Leenders (Netherlands)
Erik van Nevel (Belgium)
Theodora Pavlovitch (Bulgaria)
Josep Prats (Spain)
Aarne Saluveer (Estonia)
Dan-Olof Stenlund (Sweden)
  The four compositions are published by Annie Bank Music Publishers.
To read more about the Europa Cantat Festival in Barcelona you can visit the Europa Cantat website. In 2006 Europa Cantat XVI will be organised in Germany.


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