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Close to Pop
Annie Bank Publishing asked 8 well known European arrangers
to cooperate in this new collection: Matthias Becker (D), Carl Van
Eyndhoven (B), Jeremy Jackman (UK), Stefan Kalmer (D), Harold Lenselink
(NL), Jonathan rathbone (UK), Johan Rooze (NL) and Pierre-Gérard Verny (F).
   - ordernr. 11.900.179

Warm-Ups for Jazz and Close Harmony Choirs
written by Harold Lenselink                                        

published in Dutch, German, French and English
   ordernr. 11.900.020

for SATB (if not otherwise indicated):

Annie Laurie
- trad. / arr. Jeremy Jackman   ordernr. 11.900.295
Amazing grace 
- trad. / arr. Rick Debie (a cappella) ordernr. PCT 1
Aunt Dinah has blowed de horn 
- Scott Joplin ordernr. 11.900.076 
Down by the Riverside
- arr. Pierre-Gérard Verny   ordernr. 11.900.181
Drink to me only with thine eyes
- arr. Jonathan Rathbone   ordernr. 11.900.294
Four Love Songs
- Egbert Kemner (written for Europa Cantat)
for SATB, 3 trombones, keyboard and rhythm
- Cherry Ripe                11.900.168
- Your face                  11.900.169
- Upon the nipples           11.900.170
- When I was one and twenty  11.900.171
Go down Moses 
- arr. Erich Vogt ordernr. 11.900.121
Goodnight Ladies
- arr. Matthias Becker    ordernr. 11.900.279
Goodnight Ladies also published for TTBB a cappella 
ordernr. 11.900.302
Jamaica Farewell
- arr. John Damsma     ordernr. 11.900.303
Johnny is the Boy for Me
- arr. Johan Rooze    ordernr. 11.900.280
Let's twist again
- arr. Matthias Becker (a cappella) ordernr. 11.900.149   
Plaisir d'amour
- arr. Pierre-Gérard Verny     ordernr. 11.900.256
Queen Bee
- Jetse Bremer (a cappella)  ordernr. 11.900.153 
Some of these Days 
- Shelton Brooks / arr. Harold Lenselink  ordernr. 11.900.278 
a Taste of Money 
- Harold Lenselink Text: Arthur Hugh Clough (1819-1861) 
ordernr. 11.900.115 
Tiempo para un tiempo 
From South-America written by Roberto Valera (SATB a cappella)
(written for the World Youth Choir)
- ordernr. 11.900.136
Wooden Heart / Muss i denn
- arr. Stefan Kalmer    ordernr. 11.900.281

Some of these titles cannot be sold outside the Benelux. 

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