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Cantus Europa 
	- 12 European folksong arrangements  
	arr. Jan Vermulst - SAB 
	ordernr. Ver 27

Kerstmis / Christmas / Weihnachten in Europa
	- 12 Christmas Carols / Weihnachtslieder
	arr. Ber Joosen - SAB
	ordernr. Joo 5

Close to Pop
Annie Bank Publishing asked 8 well known European arrangers
to cooperate in this new collection: Matthias Becker (D), Carl Van
Eyndhoven (B), Jeremy Jackman (UK), Stefan Kalmer (D), Harold Lenselink
(NL), Jonathan rathbone (UK), Johan Rooze (NL) and Pierre-Gérard Verny (F).
   - ordernr. 11.900.179

Vier Negro Spirituals
	- bewerkingen voor SATB a cappella (Piet Rippen)
	ordernr. AB 55

Annie Bank Edition
Specialists in choral music