Regulations of the competition


The finest collection drinking songs


The competition will be organised by the Dutch foundation, Stichting Jan Vermulst, in conjunction with the Europa Cantat choir organisation and with the cooperation of Annie Bank Edition.
Entrants are asked to submit short, simple works that can be sung during an informal get-together of the choir, after a rehearsal or during a choir trip, more or less spontaneously, without really having to be rehearsed. The works can be canons or written for a maximum of 4 mixed, male or female voices.
The lyrics must be in English, French, German, Spanish or Latin. Entries must consist of full scores.
Only entirely original compositions will be considered. Entries must never have been performed, never have received a prize or been published and must be free of copyright. Existing copyright-free text may be used as lyrics.
The theme of the lyrics must be: Drinking together
The foundation is offering Euro 1,000 for the Jan Vermulst prize and Euro 500 for the public award.

Entries will be judged by a jury of five people, comprising three members of the Europa Cantat music committee and two members from the Stichting Jan Vermulst. The jury will nominate four works. The prizes will be awarded during Europa Cantat XVI Mainz in 2006 (28 July to 6 August 2006). Stichting Jan Vermulst is offering each nominated composer present at the award ceremony Euro 500 for travel and accommodation expenses.

The decision of the jury is final and binding; no correspondence will be entered into concerning the jury's decision. If the quality of the entries is insufficient in the opinion of the jury, then the jury is not compelled to award all the prizes available.

The winning works will be published by Annie Bank Edition. By submitting a composition, participants undertake to enter into a publishing agreement for winning works with Annie Bank Edition against a royalty of 10 percent of net retail price excl. VAT for any second and following editions. The prize counts as remuneration for the first edition of 1,000 copies.

Participants should submit their compositions in quintuplicate by 31 December 2005 to Drinking Songs Composition Competition, c.o. P.O. Box 347, 1180 AH Amstelveen, the Netherlands, without quoting the sender. Participants should place a motto or pseudonym on every piece of music submitted (instead of their own name).

At the same time, in a closed envelope labelled ' Drinking Songs Composition Competition' they should send a letter stating their motto or pseudonym, their own name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, to Stichting Jan Vermulst, Aarle-Rixtelseweg 54, 5707 GM Helmond, the Netherlands. These details may also be sent by e-mail to with ‘Compositiewedstrijd Drinking-songs’ as the subject.

The foundation will keep the name and address of the composers secret from everyone until the moment when the jury has decided the nominated works.

The nominated composers will be notified personally. Non-winning entries will not be returned. The result of the competition will be announced in the Dutch national and international choir music magazines and at the websites of the organising organisations.


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