The Jan Vermulst foundation in co-operation with the choral organisation Europa Cantat and Annie Bank Edition organises composition competition where the motto is


The finest collection drinking songs
more about the new collection drinking- songs


The finale of the composition contest Drinking-songs was a great succes during the event Europa Cantat XVI in Mainz. The Junge Musik Rheinland-Pfalz JugendChor, conducted by Jürgen Fassbender, performed the nominated songs.

The four nominated compositions and their composers:
> Heraus aus den Stuben by Willy Soenen from Belgium
> Le bon vin by George Bretz from the Netherlands
> Trinklied: froh, so froh by Ruth Sohrt from Germany
> Oh Maria by Willy Soenen from Belgium


The three nominated composers from left to the right:

George Bretz, Ruth Sohrt and Willy Soenen


The professional jury on behalf of Europa Cantat: Theodora Pavlovitch from Bulgaria (chair), Kari Ala-Pöllänen from Finland and Fred Sjöberg from Sweden and on behalf of the Jan Vermulst Foundation: Burt Bikkembergs from Belgium and Aart de Kort from the Netherlands.

From left to right: Aart de Kort, Fred Sjöberg, Theodora Pavlovitch, Kurt Bikkembergs and Kari Ala-Pöllänen
The jury awarded the Jan Vermulst prize of Euro 1000 to Willy Soenen for ''O Marie'' and the audience jury gave the award also to Willy Soenen for his ''Heraus aus den Stuben''.
The winning works are published by Annie Bank Edition in the collection Drinking-songs. For this collection the belgium composer Kurt Bikkembergs has written ''A Vegetarian Drinking-song''.
Click here for the rules of this composition competition.
The choir performing the pieces.

In 2009 Europa Cantat will be held in Utrecht (the Netherlands). The Jan Vermulst Foundation and Annie Bank Edition offered a special canon written by the dutch composer Aart de Kort:

Rheinische Dome Von Mainz bis Utrecht

This canon was performed by the participants of the Closing Concert during the presentation of Europa Cantat XVII in Utrecht 2009.




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