Composition Competitions

  Drinking-Songs 2005

Read all about the composition competition 'Drinking-Songs'

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Organisation: Jan Vermulst Foundation, Europa Cantat and Annie Bank Edition


  Rainbow 2003

Click on the rainbow and read all you want to know about this Composition Competition and the big ending during Europa Cantat XV in Barcelona in 2003.

Rainbow Composition Contest

Jan Vermulst Foundation, Europa Cantat 
and Annie Bank Music Publishers

  AGEC price 2002
Choral works for SAB-Choir

1st Price "Vier Skurille Lieder" 
Thomas Hamori (Switserland)

2nd Price "Mark groet 's morgens de dingen"
Joost Termont (Belgium)
Annie Bank Publishing - 11900107 - Pricekey F

3rd Price "Nacht"
Johan de Wit (Netherlands)
Annie Bank Publishing - 11900109 - Pricekey H

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  Time 2000
The Composition Competition 2000 under the motto Time 
took place under the auspices of the Jan Vermulst Foundation (Holland)
in collaboration with the choral singing organisations
Europa Cantat and A Coeur Joie and
Annie Bank Music Publishers. 

It's now Time to read more about it.

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  Tonen 2000

First price in the event 

Tonen 2000 in Monster (the Netherlands):

George Bretz: Tonen 2000 (Tweeduizend jaar de toon) - SATB
(11900156 - pricekey K)

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  SAB - Composition Competition 1995

Next works are the winners in the
SAB - Composition Competition 1995
organised by Annie Bank Music Publishers 
in cooperation with the Jan Vermulst Foundation

1st price:
John de Wit: Nacht 
(11900109 - pricekey H)

2nd price:
Joost Termont: Mark groet 's morgens de dingen 
(11900107 - pricekey F)

3rd price:
Feike van Tuinen: Kyrie en Gloria 
(11900108 - pricekey F)

Jury: Leo van Nevel and Joop Schets

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